Month: March 2016

Yale admits 6.27 percent of applicants

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has accepted 1,972 students to the class of 2020 from a pool of 31,455 applicants, Yale’s largest-ever applicant pool by more than 500 applications. This year’s acceptance rate is slightly lower than last year’s rate of 6.49 percent, and is almost identical to the 6.26 […]

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U. to limit remote printer access

The Office of Information and Technology and other departments are in the process of limiting printer accessibility to users on campus in order to improve security against attacks, according to Associate Chief Information Officer for Office of Information Technology Support Services Steven Sather. Sather added that this reconfiguration has been […]

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U. admits 6.46 percent of applicants for Class of 2020

The University will offer admission to 1,894 students at 5 p.m. this evening out of an applicant pool of 29,303 candidates, marking a record-low acceptance rate of 6.46 percent, according to Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye. This year’s record-high applicant pool received applications from 9,876 high schools in 151 different countries, Rapelye […]

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Harvard Will Own Up To Its Role In Slavery

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 30 (Reuters) – Harvard University plans to install a plaque next week honoring four slaves who worked on the campus in the 170… Read more: Slavery, Harvard Slavery, Harvard University, Drew Faust, John Lewis, What’s Working, College News Source: Huff Ivy League

WATCH: Is Your Significant Other A Secret Sociopath?

Does your significant other gaze lovingly into your eyes for what seems like forever? Are you the center of their world (and only friend)? Or are they… Read more: Relationships, Sociopath, Hpvideo, Harvard, Psychology, Mental Disorder, HuffPost Live 321 News Source: Huff Ivy League

Protestors critique law school donor

A group of around 20 protesters rallied outside Yale Law School on Wednesday, criticizing the school for accepting a $10 million donation from a Saudi businessman last year and calling for an end to Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen. Chanting “Stop the bloody Yemen War,” protesters lined up outside the […]

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Students abroad largely unaffected

Recent security concerns in Europe over threats of terrorism have had a limited impact on Yale students studying abroad this semester, though they have taken a heavy toll on students from countries that have been targeted over the past month. The U.S. State Department issued an advisory on March 22 […]

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After attacks, confronting Islamophobia

In the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks in Brussels, statements made by Republican presidential candidates about how to control radical Islam have fueled concerns and raised questions among Muslim Americans and conservative constituents alike about current political rhetoric and its consequences for Muslims both nationwide and at Yale. Following […]

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Columbia sets student wage at $15 an hour

Student workers at Columbia will soon be earning more cash per hour than their Yale counterparts. In a Monday email to students, Columbia Provost John Coatsworth announced that the school would gradually increase the wage of all part-time hourly student employees to $15 per hour over the next three years. […]

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Butler talks philosophy of nonviolence

On Wednesday, before a crowd of hundreds of Yalies and other community members, renowned gender theorist and philosopher Judith Butler GRD ’84 discussed altruism and the role it plays in contemporary politics. Butler is a professor at the University of California, Berkeley who is best known for her book “Gender […]

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