Month: June 2016

UConn revokes Bill Cosby’s honorary degree, Yale remains silent

On Wednesday, the University of Connecticut joined the group of colleges and universities that have revoked honorary degrees conferred upon stand-up comedian and actor Bill Cosby following a unanimous vote by its board of trustees. Yale, however, has not announced plans to do the same, even though community members have […]

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Elliot Gerson: Harvard, Rhodes, Gender, and Fraternities

Another version of this previously appeared in the Harvard Crimson on May 5, 2016. Many universities have grappled with the discriminatory implicati… Read more: HuffPost Aspen Institute, Harvard, Harvard University, Sororities, Fraternities, Rhodes Scholar, Education News Source: Huff Ivy League

Ishan Puri: Insights Into Class Size, Degrees, And Financial Aid – College Admissions

Many students and parents are interested in the classroom experience beyond the name of a brand-name university. Changes in degrees issued also gives … Read more: Harvard, Ivy League, College Counselor, College Admissions, College Admissions Counselor, Private College Counselor, Private College Counseling, Independent College Counselor, Education, Admissions, College, University, US […]

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Ishan Puri: Part 2: College Admissions Focus – Harvard University

Harvard University has long stood on a pedestal as one of the nation’s oldest and most revered colleges. It has become exponentially difficult to get … Read more: College Counseling, College Counselor, Sat, Act, Harvard, Harvard University, College Admissions, College Applications, College Application, Common App, College Admissions Counselor, Private College […]

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Josh Stephens: The Hidden Perils of Applying to ‘Reach’ Colleges

Students who are serious about applying to ultra-selective schools need to affirmatively articulate – first to themselves, then to the colleges – reasons why schools should want to welcome them. Even so, no one gets in to ultra-selective without a little luck. “Reach” schools are reaches for everyone. Read more: […]

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Sara Harberson: Too Good For The Ivy League

With tens of thousands of students applying to every Ivy League college each year, getting in is about as likely as finding a golden ticket inside the wrapper of a chocolate bar. Read more: College Admissions, College, Ivy League, High School Seniors, High School, Special Olympics, College News Source: […]

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Yalies mourn and offer support in wake of Orlando shooting

As the nation mourns the deadliest shooting in American history, the Orlando massacre has had a direct and personal effect on many members of the Yale community. In the aftermath of the tragedy, University President Peter Salovey, La Casa Cultural Director Eileen Galvez, staff at the Office of LGBTQ Resources […]

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