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Presidential advisory committee chaired by Schwarzman ’69 disbands

The White House business council led by prominent Yale donor Stephen Schwarzman ’69 disbanded on Wednesday, after President Donald Trump came under fire for his comments on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Schwarzman — who donated $150 million to Yale in 2015 to fund the construction of the Schwarzman Center […]

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8 Portion-Control Hacks That Really Work

As a nutritionist and portion-size researcher, I’ve helped thousands of clients slim down while eating foods they love with Source: Huff Ivy League

Women Who Chase The Sun

Women have played a key role in observing solar eclipses and expanding our understanding of how the Sun, our nearest star, works. Source: Huff Ivy League

Genetic Testing And Maternal Mental Health

Dr. Karen Horst agreed to let me repost her writing on genetic testing and maternal mental health. She studied women’s philosophy Source: Huff Ivy League