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PPPL researchers receive grant to use supercomputer

Researchers from the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory  won a grant to use 80 million processor hours on the nation’s fastest supercomputer to conduct simulations of various phenomena. The researchers include University Astrophysical Sciences Professor Amitava Bhattacharjee GS ’81, PPPL physicist William Fox, University research scholar Yi-Min Huang and PPPL graduate […]

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Steve Nelson: Who Matters in America? A Call for Political Correctness

The rise of so-called “political correctness” is not the infantilizing of students. It is the long overdue voice given to the real experiences of all students. Read more: Political Correctness, Safe Space, Trigger Warnings, Erika Christakis, Yale University, Homophobia, Sexual Violence, College News Source: Huff Ivy League

Elizabeth Dankoski: The Act or the New SAT: Which One Should You Take?

With the new SAT coming out this March, a lot of students are feeling the test prep crunch even more than usual. The College Board has made some s… Read more: College Admissions, Sat, Standardized Testing, Harvard, Princeton University, Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Education News Source: Huff […]

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Garrett Mintz: Why Is the Ivy League Elite?

As far as I was concerned, students that graduated from Ivy League schools were leaps and bounds more prepared for their careers than students who graduated from second-tier schools. But is that really true? Read more: Ivy League, Ivy League Schools, College Selection, Business News Source: Huff Ivy League