J. Christopher Flowers

Christopher Flowers
Christopher Flowers (pehub.com)

Christopher Flowers is an accomplished investment manager in Manhattan. Flowers’ most prolific accomplishment is considered to be when he was named the youngest partner in Goldman Sach’s history at the age of 31. Among his other accomplishments, Flowers currently sits on the board of directors for Limited, Shinsei Bank, NIBC Holding, N.V., Flowers National Bank and The Kessler Group.

Flowers received his Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude from Harvard College studying Applied Mathematics. For much of his early career, Christopher worked for Goldman Sachs, the investment banking firm in New York City. In fact, Flowers spent 19 years with the firm in various different roles. However, in 1998 Flowers decided to retire from the firm and start his own business. That business would be J.C. Flowers, a private investment firm in New York City.

Today Flowers serves the firm as the Managing Director, CEO and a member of the Management Committee. Through his time in the industry, Flowers has totaled over 35 years of experience. His experience have led him to become an influential member in the financial services field. In 2014, Flowers was featured in a CNBC article on his theory of a potential looming banking crisis. Flowers has a strong stance on Fintech.

Flowers is involved in many other aspects of life outside of his own business. He’s a trustee of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and board member of the Kasparov Chess Foundation.

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