Dan Loeb

Dan Loeb
Dan Loeb (thirdpoint.com)

Daniel Loeb is an accomplished hedge fund manager located in New York City. Loeb is initially from the west coast having grown up in Santa Monica, California. He even initially began his collegiate studies there attending the University of California at Berkeley. However, after two years he decided to take his studies across the country and finish at Columbia University where he earned his economics degree.

At a young age, Loeb was enamored by the stock market and knew he wanted to start investing as soon as possible. By the time he graduated college, Loeb had made $120,000, an amount well advanced for anyone his age. With a poor investment in Puritan-Bennett Inc., Loeb lost it all. Such a loss taught Loeb a lesson he would never forget.

After working for about ten years in various roles in the financial industry, Loeb decided it was time to branch off and start his own business. In 1995, Loeb began his own hedge fund, Third Point LLC. Loeb’s firm has done well against industry standards with nearly a 20% average return for his investors annually. Even now, during a down time for the industry in general, Loeb has still managed to beat his competitors. During 2015, where other top hedge funds lost 20%, Loeb managed to lose just 1.4% according to Gurufocus. Learn more about Dan Loeb’s holdings and returns.

Dan Loeb is very involved with helping ongoing education. He currently serves as chairman of the board of Success Academy Charter Schools in Brooklyn, New York. Loeb also helps his alma mater, Columbia University whenever he can. Loeb has endowed his own scholarship fund, the Daniel S. Loeb Scholarship, to help aid undergraduates at Columbia. Loeb has also donated to a charity school in the Bronx and the school now ranks third in the state.


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